Haiyan Hualian Paper Co., Ltd.


Haiyan Hualian Papermaking Industry Co., Ltd. was established in September, 1992. Located in the east of Shendang Bridge in Shendang Town of Haiyuan County, the enterprise is in the center of Jiaxing urban district, Nanbei Lake Resort and Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, within 10km from each of these 3 places, enjoying considerable convenience in transportation.

Hualian Papermaking uses waste paper as raw materials in its production. It is known as a sunshine industry. The major products of the enterprise are packaging paper and cardboard paper for cartons, which are widely applied in many fields with an ample market vision. The annual productivity of the enterprise reaches 180,000 tons with an annual turnaround exceeding 500 million RMB, making it the backbone of Haiyan’s industries. Approved as the civil welfare enterprise, it enjoys the nation’s preferential terms given to 240 disabled employees working in the company.

Through 2 decades of hardwork, Hualian has been innovating and constantly improving its equipment, nurturing a managerial fleet with high expertise and abundant experience. With more and more college graduates embarking, the enterprise’s workforce has become more and more powerful, giving itself more vitality and robustness.

Based on the motto of sincerity and reputation, the enterprise has been placing great importance to its brand name. In 2000, it took the lead in the papermaking industries to pass the certification ISO9001. As a brand, Hualian enjoys considerable reputation in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai region, boasting a stable market share and a group of loyal customers.

Since its establishment, Hualian has been placing importance to the protection of environment. It has been continually investing large funds into the construction of environment-protecting facilities. In 1998, it passes the examination as a sewage discharger and in 2005, it connected with Hengyang Thermoelectric Plant to realize centralized heat supply. In the end of 2009, the wastewater treating project was completed and wastewater was pumped into a universal disposal network, which pushes Hualian onto a new height in environment protection. In July 2015, it passed ISO-14001 certification, which creates sound conditions for its sustainable development.

The innovation and performance of Hualian’s past 2 decades are highly recognized and affirmed by the government and the whole society. As a result, it has won such honors as Haiyan’s Model Enterprise, Haiyan Advantageous Engineering Enterprise, China Township “Star Enterprise” and gold medal of the New Technology New Products Exhibition, etc.